Philip J H Crocker PCC FRSA - Managing Director, Darwin Whitty Ltd

Philip J H Crocker PCC FRSA - Managing Director, Darwin Whitty Ltd

We are

Business and personal development specialists who help individuals, teams and organisations generate valuable growth through collaboration and building strong relationships internally and externally. We work holistically on the whole system.

Over 10 years we have developed our own models, tools and approaches which clients have reported as finding very useful.

They have then adapted and changed them to suit their own environment and relationships with their people.

We have experience of working in most sectors - commercial, public and not for profit.


  • Coaching - 1:1 and in groups/team

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Facilitation

  • Leadership Reflection / Executive Reflection

  • Coaching supervision

  • Mentoring

  • Profiling and diagnostics

  • Workshops

  • Keynote speaking

What’s in a name - Philip Crocker, founder Darwin Whitty?

Clay pot.jpg

Crocker(y) - old English and probably French meaning clay from the earth making pottery. As founder of Darwin Whitty, I like to think that we facilitate the emergence of a vessel or container - unique and fit for purpose, one that endures and is useful.

My background

I started my working life with HSBC in London, Paris and Singapore, then developed a career in Commercial Property, Affinity Marketing and Business Development Consulting.

I co-founded/founded 4 successful businesses. 2 were sold to major competitors, 1 wound up due to regulatory changes and Darwin Whitty Ltd continues to thrive.

With over 30 years experience in commercial, regulated markets, public and not for profit sectors. I act as Mentor and Executive Coach to senior leaders at CEO and Director level.

Since 2011, I have also mentored and coached the Clergy in the Diocese of Canterbury and am an accredited coach supervisor.


Coaching and Development

We help you secure a thriving, successful worklife - getting the right things done through collaboration.

Do any of these challenge you or those you wish to influence?

  • Sustaining good growth and success in volatile times

  • People seem to be avoiding some difficult conversations

  • New in role, an experienced professional, are sometimes doubting your success?

  • Too little time to work strategically on the business and new horizons

  • People aren't focusing on the right things enough and make poor decisions

  • You face a huge opportunity and need the right people aligned with a plan

  • You are spending too much time at work and losing perspective

How would it be if?

  • You are getting the right results and have regained momentum

  • People have clarity of the bigger picture and are responding more effectively?

  • Your people are armed with creative ideas and techniques?

  • Your reputation is attracting (and retaining) great talent?

  • The team and those you influence have more confidence and clarity of direction?

  • Everyone (all the stakeholders) are focused on producing results to support your desired outcomes?

  • Believers now outnumber the doubters?

Our aim

We work with you to clarify your own and the organisation’s desired outcomes and then open a SAFE space to explore this, one which is DEEPLY INCLUSIVE where we CO-LEARN.

We establish together where you are now, where you seek to be and then help you co-create a plan to get there. We talk about…


Realising potential

There’s much more to you than you and others yet know. See more in FAQ


The quality of the flow of energy between you and/or your people. See more in FAQ


Getting the right things done to achieve your desired outcomes. See more in FAQ